Author: Judith Feld

What Are The Benefits of Darragh Hayes Personal Fitness Training?What Are The Benefits of Darragh Hayes Personal Fitness Training?

If you would like to get in better shape, Darragh Hayes personal fitness┬átraining sessions may be the solution to your problem. Have you always had a difficult time sticking to a workout routine on your own at home? Do you avoid the gym more often than not because you feel intimidated by the equipment and your lack of knowledge on how to use that equipment to your advantage to see real results? If so, working […]

Buying Wakeboarding EquipmentBuying Wakeboarding Equipment

Congratulations on looking to try a new watersport! Now that summer is here, the time is perfect for having some well-deserved fun at the beach or the lake. While some choose to rent watersport equipment, some are lucky enough to own their own boats so they can enjoy the water without any limits. If you are new to watersports and want to know what to look out for while buying your new items, we have […]

What is Wakeboarding?What is Wakeboarding?

You might have just heard about wakeboarding to be the cool, new watersport but it has been around for a while. However, recently it has gained more popularity and people are even calling it a better version of water skiing. Wakeboarding works by strapping yourself onto a wakeboard using boots (also called bindings) securely and letting a boat tow you while you hold on to a tow rope. It is a complete body workout since […]